Defining Achor-Folder for Batch

Hey PG,

maybe I just cant find it, but it would be very handy to be able to set an achor folder for batchprocessing as I am saving often to the same drive or location....and its not C:/temp :wink:

I don’t understand what you mean with “achor folder”.

When choosing “Explicit path” the path is set by default to C:/temp
This forces me to do many unneccecary clicks to set the path to i.e. F:/Produktions/Audiobook/2016

When choosing the folder I want an option in the files dialog-menu “Set Folder as anchor” = default location.
So, the next time I chose “Explicit path” it is set to F:/Produktions/Audiobook/2016

If you click on the button at the right side of the folder field, you have the list of all recent folders. IOW, this is fast to select the desired path.

Moreover, you can create batch processor templates.

Just a misspelling in the subject line. Achor = Anchor such as a permanent starting point that isn’t on the C drive.

The dropdown recent folders for most file related things is one of my favorite things of WaveLab.