Defining own accidental display systems (or adding more options)

Dorico has its three systems for how accidentals should be displayed: “common practice”, “2nd Viennese School” and “modernist”. Which is fine, generally. But in some cases I’d prefer to be able to define my own system. For example at the moment I’m working with a piece that doesn’t have time signatures, and therefore where any individual bar may be several pages long, but does use common practice tonality, and would like to be able to have accidentals in force restated at the start of every system and every beamed group, cautionary accidentals stated when the same pitch has appeared with a different accidental in the same system, and cancellation naturals only stated by default when they are cancelling an accidental in the same system (it’s easier to add cancellation naturals than remove them, for some reason). As it is it’s quite a pain to be constantly tabbing back and forth between the Dorico project and the original Sibelius score to figure out which necessary accidentals Dorico has left out and which unnecessary ones it’s added.

(And yes I have played around with the various notation options but none of them are quite what I’m looking for in this case.)

You might find Split bar cautionary accidentals? - #2 by dspreadbury informative (assuming you haven’t already seen it).

Yes, thanks. I’m glad to know it’s something on the team’s radar, at least eventually.