Defining parameter order with VSTXML for VST3.

I know how to edit VSTXML files for VST2.4 plug-ins, is so I can order parameters to my liking for M-Audio DirectLink.

The thing is, I can’t find any info on how to do the same with VST3 plugs. As far as I can tell, there is nothing in the manual about it. M-Audio’s DirectLink for Cubase document alludes to it but doesn’t give any details.

Is it related to Device Panels?

Anybody? sniff

Talking to myself again…

I have been perusing the VST3 SDK and there is something in there called XML Representation which appears to do what I am after. However, while the SDK does include a tool for testing and inspecting VS3 plug-ins, including listing their parameters, I can’t find anything that would let me extract those parameters to a file.

I can’t believe that Steinberg would introduce something potentially useful and then not provide you with the tools to use it… er…