Defining which OUT to use when rendering whole signal path


I have a big session of field recordings that I edit and at some point I want to export the clips into separate files for use in a game. The nice thing when rendering is that I can add some post processing to it such as adjusting the export to a loudness standard.

But I have hundreds of clips. It’s tedious to render them out one by one. So I thought to use the Render Selected Events. I can export selected events as blocks so when I edited something and cross-faded it, it will render as one file. Which is great! I can also apply a naming convention so everything seems nice.

Problem: I have some processing on the master channel and I don’t want to replicate these settings on each track. I have over 300 tracks. Now my problem is, that I have a template that sends all audio to a 5.1 OUT, which converts and sends the signal to a 2.0 OUT and a 1.0 OUT. I thought I’d be flexible that way. But the exported files all now have 6 channels.

My question is: How can I determin through which OUT the selected clips are going to be rendered when I select"Complete Signal Path + Master FX"? Surely I should be somehow able to render the files on the 2.0 or the 1.0 OUT? I checked in VST Connections, the 2.0 is selected as “Main Out”. I would have guessed the files must be Stereo then. But they are 5.1. Where or how can I select the Mono Output for rendering selected regions?

Just rout the different channels to the different outputs (mono, stereo, surround) and render the selected events. As far as i used it they are rendered in the way i routed them, including the master path. As your master is surround, you’ll get surround files. Just make some summing channels, put your master vsts in and rout the sum to the master you need. As you only have three different output formats, make this operation three times, first only the files going to the mono master channel, second the ones going to the stereo master channel and so on. it won’t take too long if your session is well build.

Ah, so I should not route them into an intermediate bus, that then goes to the 5.1 out. That’s why I have surround files. This only makes sense when you have a complete project and you want to make different versions, or you tap the busses to make stems. I get it.

Thanks! So I need to directly route the tracks to the out I want. Great!

Well, when I export in Nuendo 7 i get several options for what to export, including groups and outputs. So I would think you should be able to “tap” any ‘point’ you like, no?

Yes, when I use the regular “Export” dialog.

But I have field recordings, every track has a different recording. I edit those and end up with multiple “takes” per sound. For example I have a car passing. And I recorded that 5 times. I have one track and 5 car passes. I want a file out of every pass.

And then I have another track with a totally different sound on it.

Every track has multiple regions. Every track is different in length. So I cannot use the regular export dialog because I don’t set up cycle markers for every sound. They’re also overlapping. It’s too much work to set that up that way.

So the easiest way is to select a bunch of clips and click “Export Selected Clips”. Sadly, I get a totally different export dialog. But this exports every “block” of audio regions into its own file with a great naming convention. Unfortunately, I cannot define where to “tap” the audio.