Delay between MIDI and audio recording

Hi - I hope you wise people can help a newbie. I currently have a Nord keyboard connected through a Focusrite to the laptop and then into Cubase. I like to record on a MIDI track so I can tweak it slightly and then record the MIDI track on an Audio track. Whenever I do this, the Audio track is out of time with the MIDI - in other words I can see the notes sounding and recording after the MIDI note trigger. Does anyone else have this experience and has anyone an idea on how to resolve?



How big is the delay? Are you talking about few samples or milliseconds or more, please?

Hi Martin

I hope that this screenshot helps figure out how long the delay is:

the timebar is set to seconds so I am calculating .04 seconds?


Seems rather normal to me that you get a delay, as we are dealing with digital stuff. But the amount of it depends both of the setup of the audio/MIDI device (the audio buffer size chosen being the main parameter) and the way you are recording the audio results of your MIDI parts.

FWIW, I get this, recording a short MIDI part with a multitimbral VSTi (Emulator X3), with my audio/MIDI device set to 128 samples at 44.1 kHz :

The first audio file (Main Out (R))s obtained using the Render in place command with Complete signal path as main option. I got the second one (Audio 01), using a bus to record the involved audio output of the VSTi : in this case, the signal path is shunt. An obvious difference here, the latter having a delay reduced to something almost inexistent. But, AFAIK, using the bus trick is possible only with the Pro version of Cubase. Worth a try, if you have it.

At the end, there is always a delay when processing MIDI to audio, no matter the method used. Sure, something like 40 ms seems a lot, in your case, but the audio event obtained can always be moved, if necessary…

Thanks for the response. I did wonder if it was always going to be the case and as you say, it is straightforward to move the audio piece to align with the click track / other audio tracks I am playing along to. I’m using a bus to record as I have only just got into the render in place (mainly to easily get a click track).

Just wondered if I had something in my setup that could be changed and I will have a look at the Focusrite settings and play with the sampling.