Delay compensated plugins not working right in Clip/Track

I was happy to see the 8.0.4 release but it still has problems. I went crazy for hours before I figured out what was going on.

Plugins with latency compensation don’t work right when used as Montage “Track” or “Clip” effects. If the effect is ON when the Play button is pressed they work and the effect can be toggled on/off while the audio is running. If the effect is OFF when the play button is pressed there is no sound (audio mutes) when the plugin is turned ON while the audio is running.

I have found this with EVERY plugin I have that uses delay compensation and they all do the same thing.

These same plugins DO work properly in both the track and output “Master” sections. Therefore, it seems there is something wrong in the WL delay compensation system in the “Track” and “Clip” sections.

This only appears to be a problem with delay compensated plugins. Zero-latency EQs, etc., don’t behave like this.

Please tell me which plugins, because this is meant to work without any bug, and this is regularly tested.
This is tested with plugins with high latencies to make obvious evaluations.
Just tested it with 8.0.4 and no problem.

Just one thing that is not supported: if the algorithm of the plugin changes the latency while playback is taking place, then playback has to be stopped/restarted. There are very few plugins that do this, and this does not affect rendering.

PG, I can confirm the problem with the Voxengo Curve EQ in WL 8.0.3.

  1. Add Curve EQ to clip.
  2. Turn off Curve EQ with the green on/off button in upper left.
  3. Start play.
  4. Turn on EQ with red on/off button in upper left while the track is playing.

The playback sound will go away and the Master Section meter levels go away also.

Maybe that’s one of the plugins where playback has to be restarted?

Win 7 64 / Wavelab 8.0.3 32bit

Maybe that’s one of the plugins where playback has to be restarted?.

Right, this is an example of what is not supported (plugin latency changing while playback).


I am not aware of any plugins that change latency WHILE playing. Can you give an example? Also, how do you explain that these same plugins work properly in both “Master” sections?

I am currently developing a v2.4 plugin that has fixed latency. It ONLY checks the samplerate when first constructed (for now) - not while running “processReplacing()” or “resume()” - and it has this problem. This is how I discovered this issue. I thought my plugin was bad but then I tried other vendor’s plugs and they all do the same thing.

The plugins I have that exhibit this behavior include:
Every Steinberg plugin included with WL8 that has latency (Multiband compressor, etc.)
All the Sonnox Plugins included with WL8
Voxengo Curve EQ (the latest version included in 8.0.4)
All Izotope plugins
BetaBugs Audio Bugpass
SIR Convolution Reverb

As already mentionned, latency compensation is computed at playback/render startup. If you activate a plugin with latency, later during playback, this won’t work properly (but I admit that muting is not good).

And as I already mentioned, it DOES work in both Master sections.

Admit it PG, it’s a bug.