Delay Compensation and Master Inserts

Hello All,

I’ve just fixed a midi and asio timing problem with the Constrain Delay Compensation button. All now works will re: input/output timing.

However, once that is active (orange) it turns off the inserts on the Master Stereo Out channel. Why is this, and is there any way round it, other than having to press the CDC button every time I want to record and then off when I want to mix?

My PC is more than capable of handling it - I’m on a 64 bit quad core i7 3gHz processor with 24GB memory!

Doesn’t seem very clever to me, so if someone could explain it to me, that would be great.


Huge. :slight_smile:

You should probably simply read up on how CDC works. Then you find why it does this, and that you can get around at least partially by raising the Plugin delay threshold.

Well, if it is, then why do you enable Constrain delay compensation at all?
Obviously even the fastest PC can´t overcome a plugins inherent delay / calculation time if it´s in the monitoring path, other than switching it off.


AHa. Right, I will try the plugin delay compensation thing. Thanks for that. I just presumed that it would make sense to have it at 0!


It´s mostly a thing of personal “feeling” some “feel” the latency sooner, some later. Also depends on delay of the plugin in use.