Delay compensation on outputs

I exported different mixes at the same time today using direct routing to different outputs. When I looked at the waveforms I saw one mix was delayed by a bit (see pic). When I went back into the project, I noticed I had one extra plugin (EQ spectrum analyzer) on the output that is delayed. When I removed the plugin, all the exports lined up perfectly. I thought this was supposed to be calculated by Nuendo no?

That should definitely not happen.
If you use any other plugin with decent processing needs (to make sure it has enough internal latency) does the same thing happen?
If it does happen it is Nuendo. If it doesn’t it’s probably the plugin not correctly reporting it’s latency.

Good thoughts Eric. The plugin was Ozone’s Tonal Balance Control.

I inserted a different plugin (Frequency) and all exported correctly so I can only guess that it was the Ozone plugin.

This is actually pretty interesting. Steinberg has as far as I can recall said that Izotope isn’t respecting VST3 100% and that that’s why RX isn’t working 100%. Makes me wonder if this is yet another Izotope issue based on the same neglect…

Might be worth checking some of their other plugins and then maybe organize a bit of noise to get them to fix all of their plugins if possible.