Delay Compensation Question


If I have Nectar 2 as an insert for a vocal track and hit delay compensation it mutes Nectar so I have to set it up as send. When using Guitar rig 5 as an insert and hitting delay compensation it doesn’t mute it and works fine. Is there a reason for this and can I get nectar to work as an insert while using delay compensation?
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Delay compensation is what is happening all the time in the background. The button you are hitting is Constrain delay compensation.

All it does it disable any plugin that has latency higher than the threshold set in preferences.
You could up this threshold until your nectar runs even when constrain is off but you will obviously have more latency which may make it unworkable for live monitoring.

Thank you for the reply. I have to try that. It seems like it should be ok because if I set nectar as a send I don’t get any latency. So it should work right?

If you look in plugin manager (highlight Nectar and open the info window) you can see how much latency Nectar has in samples and if you divide by your sample rate (44.1 for example) it will give you the figure in ms so I think you just need to enter a higher figure than that in the delay compensation threshold preference.

EDIT: Actually I see it is not so simple with Nectar as it has no fixed latency…the latency changes depending what modules you are using…but it also has a tracking mode specifically to keep latency low while recording.

Hmmm, this tracking mode, is it set automatically or can you adjust it? I tried setting the latency to 9 ms and it still mutes nectar when clicking contrain delay compensation.

Your Nectar manual will presumably explain how to set the plug to tracking mode.

Thanks so much Grim! I would’ve never found that tracking mode.