delay effect even when muted. no bueno

So I buss all my vocal tracks to either lead, adlib or chorous groups. Sometimes not all the times it seems as if there are some delays when I recording on said tracks…This happens even when all the delays and reverbs sendsare muted…Sometimes the only fix is deleting the tracks and not putting them in a group… Not something I should have to do, any idea? Thanks in advance!

Too less information. Are you talking about latency issues? What buffersize do you use? Which Interface do you use?

My apologies, theres no latency, its just a delay on vocals when I talk on the mic…Thanks!

I thought for a minute I had to record first on a track, then put said track into a group afterwards…Im sure however that is not the case

Still no infos about your audio interface and your buffersize. Any delay plugs in your input chain?

I’m using the steinberg UR 44 interface, I believe my buffer is set to 512 (not in my studio setting at the moment to confirm)… Im using H-Delay by waves as a send effect, routed to my lead vocal group …I have nothing on the individual vocal track itself… Just to give a further description, it doesnt happen all the time… MAIANLY when I use a old song in which I like the vocal chain, I would then delete the current the tracks within that session, create new tracks and route them to the existing respective vocal “groups” (lead vix, adlibs etc) This is when it happens… Now lets say I remove those new tracks from these vocal groups/busses and leave them bussless the echo goes away upon in monitor mode…Could it be old tracks are still active someohow and the session and need to be removed from the pool? I saved and loaded the vocal chain I like but it will still happen in a new session…

Svengali thanks for your help, i think this weekend I will just buckle down and go template crazy… Making them for all situations and different chains… I think this will make the world of a difference… DOnt hurt your brain cause Im sure there are many scenarios in which this could be happening… Thanks anyhow!

efx should not be muted, but switched off. Some efx’s as multibandcompressor or other multibands are notorious for introducing quite a big latency in the audio path. This is due to the fact the efx is active in the audio path. (even bypassed, the efx is active and the latency will implemented)

This delay should dissapear when constrain delay compensation is switched on. (wich in fact switches those efx off)

kind regards,

Thanks will keep this fix in mind to see if that helps!