Delay In Loading Wav Library

Hi, I have 80 gb in the Wav library on Cubasis and the issue is when first opening Cubasis when I drag a Wav file in there is a 3-5 minute Freeze of Cubasis. Sometimes the second and third drag and drop also have a 3-5 minute freeze lag. After those initial delays Cubasis drags and drops instantly. But the issue compounds if Cubasis freezes as a whole and has to be restarted leading to another 3 times 3-5 minutes delay so in one session there can be 30 minutes of delay in making a song.

Is it possible to assign more cache memory to the initial startup loading of the Wav files?

I’m using a 128gb iPad mini 4’amd want to upgrade to a pro or the next iPad mini 5 but I’m concerned and the issue is slowing me down a lot.

Thank you for the help. Cubasis is my favorite music app. Thank you so mush to the developers and programmers at Steinberg!

Greg Sletteland