Delay in Save

Recently I’ve noticed when I press Ctrl-S to save (a frequent and automatic occurrence for me), Dorico freezes for about 6 seconds. I don’t remember this ever happening before.

Any idea what might be causing this? I’m not experiencing anything similar in other programs. It seems small but has become quite an annoyance, especially when I’m rapidly saving, Saving As, and closing multiple projects.

Dan, I find that having “Generate preview thumbnails when saving” ticked in Project Info adds quite a bit of time to save operations. Could this be the cause of the delay you’re seeing?


Hmm, I’ve never done anything with that before. Unchecking it does seem to speed up the process, I think… thanks. Unfortunately it seems to be checked by default on every single project I open, and there isn’t a way to turn this off in Preferences, unless I’m missing something.

Yes, it’s checked by default and there’s no preference to turn it off. Perhaps some day there will be — I always uncheck it on all of my projects. I don’t find the thumbnails to be useful enough to justify the longer saving times.


I would certainly also welcome the ability to turn off thumbnail generation globally if that would reduce Save time.

I suspect the delay must have another reason. I never switched off “Generate preview thumbnails when saving” and don’t have any freezing after saving. As I understand it, the phenomenon is new to you too, Dan? Anything working in the background?

I have InDesign running, and a few other things, but that’s always been the case. The delay is relatively new.

And it doesn’t matter how big the score is? Maybe a thermal problem?

These are mostly single-page scores, and I’m running a Ryzen 5900x. The CPU is absolutely bored.

Saving 20 MB InDesign files is faster!

D’oh! I had never noticed this before! This seems like an odd place for this setting. Wouldn’t it make more sense for this to live in Edit/Preferences? This does speed things up for me, thanks.

Checking the application.log files shows that Dorico is generating both a pdf and png every time the user saves with that setting checked. Dan, what sort of times for saving is your application.log file showing?

The other sort of disconcerting thing about the preview thumbnails is that they can dramatically effect the file size depending on what layout is in view when saving. I had a bit of a panic a couple of months ago when I realized the file I was working on was quite a bit smaller than my manual backup file. I was worried that I had inadvertently done work on the wrong file, but it was all due to the preview size. I would definitely turn this off for all projects if there was a option.


Todd, here’s what I get.

  • 2022-09-17 09:27:58.506 [info] Saving document session 0 to C:/Users/GIBC-Dan/AppData/Local/Temp/Dorico 4/ocfsessions/session-bb78b/0-c647c/supplementary_data/vstaudioengine/enginedata
  • 2022-09-17 09:27:58.676 [info] writing workspace data to C:/Users/GIBC-Dan/AppData/Local/Temp/Dorico 4/ocfsessions/session-bb78b/0-c647c/supplementary_data/workspace/workspace.xml
  • 2022-09-17 09:27:58.734 [info] Backup file C:/Users/GIBC-Dan/Dropbox (Grace Immanuel)/Professional/Hymnworks/Current Hymnworks Projects/0 Master Dorico files/Unbounded Grace_Wyrtzen_ns.dorico → C:/Users/GIBC-Dan/Dropbox (Grace Immanuel)/Professional/Dorico backups/Unbounded Grace_Wyrtzen_ns
  • 2022-09-17 09:27:58.737 [info] Updating autosave C:/Users/GIBC-Dan/Dropbox (Grace Immanuel)/Professional/Hymnworks/Current Hymnworks Projects/0 Master Dorico files/Unbounded Grace_Wyrtzen_ns.dorico → C:/Users/GIBC-Dan/AppData/Roaming/Steinberg/Dorico 4/AutoSave
  • 2022-09-17 09:28:02.309 [info] UI Delay 4.1s
  • 2022-09-17 09:28:02.462 [info] addEventsForAudition() adding 1 events to buffer #:0
  • 2022-09-17 09:28:02.487 [info] processAuditionEvents() - processed 1 events
  • 2022-09-17 09:28:02.501 [info] notifyPostCommandExecute: File.Save (4355 ms)
  • 2022-09-17 09:28:03.229 [info] Executing command: File.CloseProject
  • 2022-09-17 09:28:03.293 [info] Closing document session: 0
  • 2022-09-17 09:28:03.293 [info] Saving document session 0 to C:/Users/GIBC-Dan/AppData/Local/Temp/Dorico 4/ocfsessions/session-bb78b/0-c647c/supplementary_data/vstaudioengine/enginedata
  • 2022-09-17 09:28:03.441 [info] Deactivating document: 0
  • 2022-09-17 09:28:03.618 [info] Closing OCF session 0
  • 2022-09-17 09:28:04.006 [info] Deleting autosave Unbounded Grace_Wyrtzen_ns.dorico
  • 2022-09-17 09:28:04.118 [info] notifyPostCommandExecute: File.CloseProject (889 ms)

It seems a little longer than 4.3 seconds to me!

Anyone see anything I could change or disable to speed up saving? I’d love to make it fast enough that I could instantly move on to other keypresses. In a single editing session, I’m often opening 40-50 files in quick succession, making an edit, exporting, saving, closing. These are all key commands, of course, and I don’t remember in the past having to pause between Ctrl-S and Ctrl-Shift-W.

Yeah, that seems pretty long, and obviously this is without thumbnails, right? Is the file particularly large? He’s what I get for a 190 bar big band arrangement.

With thumbnails - 2356 ms

Same layout, same view, no thumbnails - 1216 ms

Well hmm… sounds like it isn’t a Dorico problem for me, then.

I’m saving to Dropbox, but that’s what I’ve always done. And the files are local.

Saving to Dropbox? Sure to cause issues sooner or later. Sync update times etc. I’d store on a local drive. Maybe it’s worked for you in the past, but Dropbox is a remote service and many obstructions can happen along the way, load congestions and so on.

I wasn’t clear, sorry. The files are on the local drive, available offline. They’re also synced to Dropbox, but I think that’s separate from the save process.

I just tried a similar file (one flow, one page, two players) on my laptop (11th-gen i7). Save process was 10106 ms. Tried it again, 8500 ms. Ugh.

EDIT: Tried it again with another file, 14423 ms. Maybe I should stop testing now…

The bracket in your file path is strange, did you try to save to a completely different location without any () or other characters?
And also temporary change the backup and autosave path to another path without ()

Parens in filenames are perfectly legitimate.

Saving a single-page project should take no more than a second or so, even with the preview thumbnails included. There’s clearly something else going on here.

Dan, I would suggest starting your computer in Safe Mode so that all of the miscellaneous extra programs and processes that are normally running removed, and seeing if you get quicker results.