Delay latency button: PUSH or UNPUSH for mixing?

I don’t understand, always i read the cubase automatically compensate delay generate from PLUG in like compressor or EQ and the button For compensate delay must by pushed only for recording or when you use a Virtual instrument.
But yesterday only for try i pushed down (become colored and not uncolored like normal situation) and the DRUM kick my ass for the power and focused!.
Why? i always mix out of phase?
FOR MIXING I MUST PUSH OR UNPUSH that button? Let me know

This button is not “For compensate delay”, but “constrain delay compensation” which is exactly the opposite.

Depending on what exactly was going on in your project, and the settings made for constrain delay compensation, you heard the drums dry - so yes that would mean your mixing is not that good in relation to what obviously seems good to you.

It should be off under normal circumstances. RTFM to learn what the function actually does…