Delay/Latency in one project but not another

I was setup up to record some acoustic guitar today. Listening on the monitor I can hear its got a short latency. I hear the acoustic note, and then a short time later I hear the recorded sound. I check the sound control panel and change the block size, but it makes no difference. I verify the track has no effects running on it. Cubase reports an input latency of 2.8ms and an output latency of 2.5ms at a block size of 64.

I opened a different project that I had been working on earlier in the day and it works fine, same block size. So I dont think its latency.

Honestly I am completely lost. I have no idea of where to start to troubleshoot this. I really dont want to have to export and rebuild the project from scratch because its huge.

Any ideas on where I might look to figure this out?

Cubase 9.0.20
Presonus AudioBox 1818VSL

Apparently this project needs Constrain Delay Compensation. I’m not sure why though.

I am having a similar issue I was recording a small project for a friend. Single acoustic guitar 2 mics. Cubase pro 9.5.40 (latest) MOTU 24i, 2408, 2408mk3 is my setup. 128 buffer setting. No appreciable latency. I then added some plugins to one of the tracks and some send fx’s and some plugins on the master out. Then decided to add some bass via preamp in to motu 24i as the guitar was done on different inputs. There was noticeable latency just playing the bass with the monitor button on the channel. You could see the difference on the meters between the input channel and the track channnel. Couldn’t figure it out tried different buffer settings. Then turned on direct monitoring and recorded the bass line. Also turned off all plugins to no avail. Then opened a new project added a track for the bass and clicked on the monitor for the track and the latency was fine.

So bottom line original project with one acoustic guitar and bass. Bass has latency. New project only bass no latency.

Any thoughts


All Constrain Delay Compensation does is disable any plugin that has a higher latency than set in the preferences/VST (FX channels are ignored as they are Sends)
So you have at least one plugin active in your chain to the output (speakers, headphones)

One of the plugins in the project that has latency is most likely causing the latency. Certain plugins add significant latency. Slate Virtual Tape Machine, for example. Go through the plugins and remove them until you find the culprit, take note, then don’t track with it.

Thanks for the replies I found the constrain delay button. It had moved since the last version of Cubase I used it in. I solved the issue. I will go through the plugins I am using and figure out which are causing the delay. Thanks again