Delay of VST AMP not working after project export in 8.0.30

I am using the VSTAmp effect in many of my projects as I do like the delay effects.
Whenever I export a project (that I started working on in Version 7.5) in Version 8.0.30 the delay effect in the exported .wav file is gone and even in cubase itself the track using the effect does not sound as before. It seems that the delay parameters are not correctly rendered during the export. Same issue appears using the Render-In-Place function in any track of the project even if the track is not using the VST Amp effect itself.

Has anyone the same problem or does anyone know a solution for this problem.

My system:

  • Cubase Artist Version 08.0.30
  • Windows 8.1, 64bit, 4GB RAM

I have the same issue with render in place. I posted in this forum, no replies. I opened two support tickets, no replies

Very poor

I do have this issue as well. I opened a ticket at Steinberg helpdesk some weeks/month ago.
1st the guy from Steinberg did not believe me, as he could not replay the issue.
Then I provided a project showing this error. Afterwards he confirmed that the issue is recognised at Steinberg now and forwarded to the technical department.
No update/answer until latest email from 1st of December. Call number at Steinberg is 1315259-72469D .

To be honest: Steinberg asks for money for every update and every licence. When registering the software they say that one of the advantage is that you get support in case of trouble.
Then they deliver a faulty product, the user reports the error and error resoultion does not take place or takes very long.

We are in the middle of a recording process. This error really keeps us off from finishing our projects.