Delay on auto punch in with C7

I’m trying to record audio, and I’m getting a short delay when auto punching in and out. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Accurate punching is really an obsolete concept in these days of non-destructive over-recording and editing. Start recording early, stop late. It’s easy to trim afterwards.

Seriously? That’s a fairly dismissive comment. While your reply does actually contain fact; the new laggy punch in performance is distracting and practically unusable in C7.

Confirmed! I just recorded a session and had a difficult time trying to punch in. Bummers :blush: Wow, that needs to get fixed…

I hate lags too, it’d be nice for this to be instant.

But for recording sessions I always engage retrospective record, and let me say it’s one of the best features around! I use it for safeguarding when I forget to click record or hit the wrong button, or for stress-free-stealth recording of a (nervous) artiste.