Delay on channel with no delay. SOLVED

Hello. I am getting the weirdest problem. I have a project with (among other things) one audio channel. I was experimenting with the stereo delay plug in when it suddenly started to operate only a mono output. The left delay channel worked fine (through both output channels) but the right delay channel had no effect. I removed the stereo delay plug in from the insert rack and added it back to see if that cured the problem. No luck. I then removed all the plug-ins from the audio channel and also the two effect send tracks that I was using just to be sure. I saved the project in it’s new configuration and re-loaded it. Now this is where it gets weird. There are no stereo delay plug ins on any channel, and there are no FX tracks at all, but I am still getting the mono delay on the audio channel!!! I’ve tried other projects and the stereo delay is working fine as an insert and as a send effect on all the other projects. Weird or what? Even if I completely remove the audio channel, exit Cubase and re-start the project, any new audio track still has the delay on it! If anybody has come across this behaviour before I would be interested to hear if there is a solution, but the project is not such a big deal that I can’t do without it if I have to.

Did you accidentally add the delay to the stereo output or master output channel?



Could you try to Bypass all Inserts?

Thanks for replying. I looked at both of the things you suggested but it made no difference. I can only assume that the project was “broken” in some way. Without going into too much detail there was other “funny” stuff going on. As the project was just for experimentation purposes I finally gave up and did away with it. Problem Solved (sort of).
Anyway thanks for the assistance.

Same problem I’m facing now.

9-10 days before stereo enhancer worked perfectly. But recently when i used that plugging, it’s still not working. When I increase wide range just volume is incresed. Then I’m trying stereo delay. Stereo delay have same problem. Left channel delay working, but mono sound. And right channel delay isn’t worked.

Anyone can give me any solution?