Delay on Meter tools


I’m using a room correction that creates a latency on audio playback, so all my meters react sooner than what I’m listening… Is there a way to delay them (my wavelab main meters) to synchronise them with what I’m hearing ?


You mean you’re using room-correction software as a WaveLab plug-in?

No, I work in Wavelab, but I have a room correction inserted on the output of my audio soundcard (Out of WL)

Yikes. I’m surprised you have confidence in that ‘room correction’ method. If you’re determined to continue applying it, I probably can’t help you. Sorry.

P.S. That just means I probably can’t help. It doesn’t mean nobody else can.

The means, this is outside WaveLab. Hence WaveLab can’t help.

That would be a very specific wavelab feature that I’m not sure would do much for anyone else except add complexity.

Depending on which meters you’re looking for, there may be ways to get the same information elsewhere.


mvmeter2 (VU, PPM, LU, etc.) has a delay setting. To get it to react correctly, you’d just have to calculate the delay your DSP causes.

You could also get the TC Clarity M to react correctly, depending on what your DSP host offers you. You would essentially create a send before the actual DSP that goes through a kill-dry delay for the same amount of time (it might do this for your) and then send that to the Clarity M either via the plugin or digital audio.

But, also…how much of a delay/latency are you experiencing?

I do the same kind of thing. All my audio runs through a Reaper session that hosts some plugins (room/engineer correction, crossovers, sub alignment, etc.). There is latency that’s noticeable if I go out of my way to notice it, but the “delay” between the WL maters and the sound has never actually bothered me.