Delay/pause when switching multiple midi events in a single key editor


Until support replies, I wonder if anyone else has this issue.

A very annoying bug (or at least it seems as a bug). Steps for reproduction:

1.Select multiple midi events containing notes
2.Open them in a single Key Editor
3.Solo it (top left button)
Now when switching between different events/tracks there is a delay of a sec or more. If not soloed, there is no delay. Also, there is not delay if I solo the tracks themselves prior opening events in the Key Editor, only if I click Solo button in the editor.

I tried messing with the Asio Guard - no help. Same thing happens with newly created midi tracks with no routing at all.

I would love to see this sorted as I have a habit of selecting midi events and solo them directly in the editor, and now the only workaround for me is to choose tracks, solo them, and then select the events, open them in editor without soloing the editor. There was no such a delay for me in earlier versions of Cubase.

I made a video demonstrating the issue:


Hi shomynik

Did you ever solve this? It’s driving me crazy!
I notice that even when I ‘un-solo’ a single track in the main arrange view all midi tracks get sent a signal. Likewise in the key editor if the key editor solo button is toggled, but there is also a disk cache spike in the performance monitor.