Delay when deselecting a note with cmd+click

OS: macOS 10.14.6 “Mojave”

Clicking somewhere else deselects the note instantaneously, which is the workaround. But, sometimes, after you copy and paste a group of notes, you want just one note of that group selected. What do you do then? You click somewhere else first, followed by selecting that single note (dooh!). However, if you use only one hand and a trackpad (mac trackpad), it can become a bit tiresome.

It’s just a thought…


This is because Cubase is waiting to decide, if this is the single click or the double-click. So it waits for the double-click time out.

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What you’re saying is a bit awkward because in the key editor, the behavior is different. Even though double-click also works on single/multiple notes (to open the note expression window), notes can be deselected quicker using cmd+click. Almost instantaneous.