Delay when recording onboard sound of digital piano via Midi


I have got an rather weird issue as it was not like that initially. I have recorded a drums, bass via Audio from my Kawai ES 6 digital piano. Then I have recorded some Midi piano.

When I listen back to my Audio drums and playback my Midi piano through my Kawai ES 6 I am in perfect sync

However, if I now try to record my Midi piano playback by using an Audio track in my Cubase project I am getting a delay and hence I am no longer in sync with my pre recorded audio drums.

I could swear that it used to work without the delay but I had some audio crashes and reinstalled my PC´s audio drivers a couple of months ago and Cubase sometimes did not recognize my RME Babyface either…

I do not know, probably I am just stupid, must have done something in the global settings ( I am using the RME Asio Fireface driver with a latency of less than 3 ms in and out…) or perhaps do I have to do something with my routing?

My system is a i7 cuad PC with Cubase 6 Elements, the RME Babyface, the Kawai ES 6 digital piano