Delayed / Double Tracking-esque recording glitch

Hi all,

Using Cubase Artist 7, Mac OS Maverick, Komplete Audio 6 external sound card.

All relatively newly installed and working after some initial setup problems. However, when starting up a new basic track and recording via my standard microphone, it sounds as if there is some kind of effect on it (which there isn’t); almost as if there were some kind of minor delay or double tracking going on with the vocals. Makes me sound a bit like Freddie Mercury, which is no bad thing but I didn’t ask for that :slight_smile:

I’ve played around with the VST connections in every possible combination I can think of but can’t seem to work anything out that fixes it. When just going cleanly through the monitor there doesn’t seem to be the same problem so I’m presuming this is a cubase issue rather than soundcard related.

Any ideas?


You are hearing the mic being monitored through Cubase which has the delay caused by the latency of the system but also the direct signal which you are monitoring direct via your interface.

Decide which you want and either don’t activate the monitor button in Cubase (so you hear only the direct signal)or find out how to turn down the monitor signal in your interface software (so you hear it via Cubase)

I would recommend the direct monitoring option as much as possible due to the zero latency, but if you wanted to hear the effect of an inserted effect you would have to monitor via Cubase.