Delayed Playback...In Certain Cases

This is an odd problem I’m having.

Having just installed the update, now when I select a spot in the first flow of a project from the version 1.0.0, the playback cursor will start moving, but there will be a delay of about 9 seconds before it starts playing, and what plays is the beginning of the flow, even though the cursor is already well into the piece. HOWEVER, there is no problem with the second flow: wherever I select to begin the playback and then start it, it happens immediately.

To be honest, there have been playback quirks with this project from the start, and so I’m considering starting all over again, but I don’t know if this will be a persistent problem or not.

Since this problem appears to be isolated to a specific project, could you zip it up and attach it here so we can take a look and see if we can figure out what might be wrong?

Whatever problems there may have been seem to have resolved themselves, as it’s working now. I guess it took TWO restarts to get it going…