Delay's feedback being played after Transport Stop is really annoying

Is there any fast way to handle\fix\kill feedback in Cubase? :imp: I have a project with plenty of delays in it, with long feedbacks, 85-95%. And after ~20 hours of working on it, what is really driving me nuts - to hear delay feedback after I pressed the STOP button. Is there any way in Cubase 9.5 to kill sound like FL studio’s double click on the stop button will mute everything that sounds?

I saw the same question asked not to long ago.
The best solution in that thread was imho, using a gate in the control room that is sidechained to the master bus.

I use Meldaproductions MUtility (free) for this, it has a “silence when playback is off” button.

I hate their distribution system and forcing me stuff I don’t want. But I guess their developers really understand what people needs. Thanks!