Delete all bars in a flow

How to delete all bars in a flow efficiently and quickly?

What is it you want to achieve -

  1. A flow with e.g. just one crotchet’s worth of time in it? If so, selecting the first beat in the flow and deleting a large number of bars should do the trick (e.g. “-100”)
  2. A flow with lots of bars but all of them empty (i.e. deleting the contents of bars, but leaving the bars behind)? In the linked topic there, there are related links at the bottom to some ways of selecting a few or lots of notes/items simultaneously - this one is a good repository for “selecting lots of things”.
  3. To remove a flow entirely from the project?

I have done what will be one of 60 or so string quartets (Haydn) and I want to make a template out of the one I have completed. So, I just want to delete all the bars in each flow except for say one.

So I guess -999 does the trick - Dorico seems not to mind if the number exceeds the actual content. I’m happy with that.

I suppose any minute someone will tell me there is a ‘save as template’ function. Is there?

No, there isn’t. Just be aware that if you, for instance, drag a bar number in Engrave mode, that offset will remain in the flow even once you’ve deleted 999 bars.

For that reason it may be safer to save the existing Notation Options as default, delete the existing flow and then immediately create a new one.