delete all clips and re-use empty project for a new one

Is it safe to delete all clips and automation from timeline, empty the pool and use this empty project again to build a new one. Say i ve finished off an episode of a tv series and i am starting the next one.

Although i have a blank template i normally use, as i work along on new episodes i create more tracks with useful plug-in chains to treat various issues with dialogue. I know i can always save those as a track preset but could i just create a new template like this?

Whats the best way to do it?


Yes, you could do it that way. Just be careful with the pool removal and the default project location. When you remove files from the pool, you have the option to delete the files.

What I would probably do, is clear out what you don’t want in the next episode, empty the trash (not deleting the files from the drive) then save the project as a template. Then create a new project from the template and create a new folder for the new audio and such to keep the old and new project completely isolated.

+1 for the template method.

I like to create a template for each show instead of a generic template. Each network has a different requirement. So whatever works on the first episode becomes the template for the rest.

I often do that after having got to the end of the first reel of a movie. That way I have an idea of how many tracks I’ll really be needing for the project.
You do really need to be careful when emptying the trash and not delete anything. But once the template is saved it’s really handy.

Thank you all,
yes was careful not to delete any files (just removed them from pool).
I also deleted all automation (show all automation, select all, delete).

However i use one common audio folder for all episodes of the series, i only change the folder i save the nuendo project file…At the end of each episode i remove unused media (from pool), then prepare archive and finally i back project to an external HD.
Is this a good practise?

I can only share what my work flow was, can’t comment on good or bad practice.

Whatever can go wrong, usually does and I try to stay prepared for it.

Each episode had it’ s own project folder with in the “episodes” folder. Lots of duplicate and reused audio in each episodes audio folder, etc etc. Once an episode passed network QC and was considered finished. I would remove unused media and delete it from that particular episode. and never have to worry about messing up something from another episode. Also, this way, my archive is as small as it can be and totally organized. Episode 4 for example contains exactly what is needed, nothing more, nothing less. If I need to revisit it and quickly turn around a hot fix, I won’t take forever to copy a whole season over to the work machines.

When I got materials from editorial, I’d crack the aaf and get it all lined up in my show template. At that point I’d do an initial back up of that episode. After that I do incremental back ups to a clone project drives anytime I was at a stopping point… like lunch, end of day, etc. Especially with tv, you get a lot done in just a couple hours. And the deadline will not change just because you’re having a session issue. This saved me twice. So best that your back ups are only a couple hours old.

Another technique when creating a show specific template is to save to first episode to a new folder, copying everything over… you can total rip it apart and not have to worry

An easy way to get rid of automation is to open the automation panel and in the drop down select - delete all automation in project. You can also do this for selected tracks including specific automation lanes that you choose.

That sounds neat and safe kid Dropper.