Delete all occurrences of PT?

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering wether there was a way to delete all occurrences of a certain playing technique in a score. Say I have decided that all the pizzicato in my piece needs to go. Do I really have to go and find every single instance manually?
There must be a smarter way…

In my case its not actually about pizz but about a custom PT of which I might have hundreds of instances in my score already. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to delete the PT from the session altogether since it is used in the text. :thinking:

If it really is an all-or-nothing situation you could replace the text of the custom playing technique with a single space (or possibly even an empty space - I’ve not tried). At the very least, that’d make the playing technique invisible on the page.

But no, there’s no functionality for selecting or filtering a specific PT.

Oh. Well.
Maybe some Find & Select, Find & Replace etc - functionality could be considered in the future?

(I’m so looking forward to scripting becoming available!)

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Another manual option is to select the first playing technique on a staff, then press Right arrow to navigate through the playing techniques on that staff.

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