Delete all Track-Versions at selected Tracks

At the moment i only can delete all other track versions, which not be activated, means not be current selected. Sometimes instead i want to duplicate a track with an track-Instrument in and don´t want to keep the content of the previous track.

Now i got only the two Options “Delete Inactive Versions of all Tracks” or “Delete Inactive Versions of selected Tracks”.

Thanks for listen.


+1 still haven’t found how to do this…

MAybe this is not 100%your case but you can probably use a macro in Cubase. We’ve covered this in the past. Maybe it helps - here’s a link to the topic:

Thanks Roman,

The thread you are linking doesnt address this “missing functionality”
But a macro may do the trick.

Like the OP, i want to copy a track without ALL audio events
If there is a function like “erase all inactive Track Version”, i could just add it to my “copy a track without ALL audio events” macro.

i’ll try this as soon as possible

Hi, shouldn’t this default do the trick?


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Perfect ! Thanks