Delete All X Signposts?

I imported a mxl file into Dorico, and for some reason it’s giving me this “X” signpost every bar. I’m assuming this is an “atonal” signpost? Either way, how do I delete them from every measure? (I tried ctrl+A then right click → filter but there were no options for signposts there)

If it’s a signpost, you don’t delete those… you just hide them. View–Signposts.

If the time signatures are incorrect, you can select the barline at the signpost and delete that. You may need to select all of them, delete, and re-add the time signature at the beginning.

If it’s an X time signature in the staff, you can hide it using the properties panel at the bottom.

Do a system selection (alt-t to show the system bar, click shift-click the first and last bar, to show the orange selection bar, then click the box in the final bar to select everything…) Then right-click>filter>time signatures and delete.