Delete and Move function? Shuffle Delete?


I can’t seem to find a specific function I’m used to from other DAWs. Maybe I’m looking under the wrong name.

What I’m trying to do:

  • Delete an event on an audio or MIDI track.
  • Have the following events move closer by the length of the deleted clip.

I’ve seen that this could be accomplished by setting “snap mode” to “shuffle” and then deleting an event. The following events will be moved.

But is there a way to do this in ONE operation that I could assign a shortcut key to? Currently I have to make sure snapping is enabled, then that shuffle mode is enabled, then I can delete. Afterwards I have to set snapping back to whatever it was before. This is a lot of manual clicks and operations for something I hope would work faster and with a shortcut.


Use the range tool to select the area being deleted then Edit -> Range -> Cut Time.

Range -> Cut Time will delete everything in your timeline (on all tracks) which might not be what you want.

There might be an easier way to do this but it sounds like this might be a good job for a macro.

That is not true when using the range tool - it will delete the selected range only. Using the select tool will have this operate globally across all tracks. You can also use “Delete Time” if you don’t want the selection moved to the clipboard.

From the manual:

  • Cut Time Cuts out the selection range and moves it to the clipboard. Events to the right of the removed range are moved to the left to fill the gap. This option is available in Edit > Range.

  • To remove the selection range and make the events to the right move to the left to fill the gap, select Edit > Range > Delete Time.

Ah cool. I gotya. Thanks for the clarification!

I found the delete time function but as I only selected an event, it deleted that section on all tracks. I didn’t know using the range selection would do what I want. Thanks a lot for the help @likelystory! That’s great!

Also, there is snap type: shuffle.
You can select it from the top of the project window (depending on it’s visibility setting)

You can create a macro

  • select shuffle
  • delete event
  • select grid mode

Yeah the thing with a macro is that it should work every time. So before starting that Macro I would need to check if snap mode is enabled, otherwise Shuffle would not work, correct? But there is no dedicated function to turn on snap mode. It’s a toggle. It turns snap mode on OR off. If it’s enabled, a Macro would turn it off. If I take away the “Toggle Snap Mode” then I would need to check manually if I’m in snap mode. Then I might have been in Cursor snap mode. So how to go back to the last snap mode after selecting shuffle. I could only go back to a specific snap mode.

So it’s not that fluid but it would be a workaround. I think the delete time with a range selection is currently the best way.

Double-clicking on an event with the range tool will also select that range.