Delete automation in range

Is there a command to delete automation in cycle range but only on selected tracks ? I can’t find it and also can’t figure out the syntax for that in logical editor.
Just want to clear some messy eq-ing without affecting the other tracks.

And another daunting problem:
If I select for example some volume automation points and also some underlying send automation points, when I click&drag the points move only on the track where I click & drag. Why don’t they move all because all of them are selected? They sure delete all when I press delete, they change value together but why won’t they move together?

The logical editor is the tool - but when ur not fast with it it actually takes longer to use then just writing over it.

Put your selected tracks into write, engage preview mode and touch/to loop. Reset ur eqs and punch it in.

#2 I don’t know if this will work-not at my desk-select the auto points u want to move and group them - tthen try - don’t forget to ungroup

You can also move these without grouping by using the mouse wheel or typing in the info line up top as long as you have it showing

Well, if I am fast enough at something then it must be something else than the nuendo logical editor.
Punch/preview works without spilling automation outside range, ok !
When I was in Write/Loop Lock when I reached past the end of selection, regular automation was written.

#2 i figured something out on this one. If I press Ctrl+L it will move all points in order, with the nearest one to cursor. But the fact that dragging does not work with selected points is still a bug to me.
I did’t know you could create point groups, I thought it was only for events.

Using Autopunch when doing the preview stuff is great too. Especially when you’re moving faster and faster…

just do your moves… hit punch while playing with in the loop… when the program reaches the Right locator, it will stop writing and the show will continue, no loop

I’ve only recently discovered how powerful this is and I use it all the time now