Delete automation on effects channel?


Can’t seem to delete the automation from my elements 8 effects channel in the track window? Deletes all automation from audio and midi tracks no problem?


Could you describe your steps, please? Could you also describe your system (Cubase version, OS version…)?

You can select the automation track(s), right-click, and select Remove Selected Tracks from the drop-down menu.

Hi Martin,

The only way I can do it, is by removing the whole effects track which I then have to reinstate and configure again? Removing the automation track does not work. I use the old StereoEcho fx which I took from Cubase VST5. Perhaps this has something to do with it?

Win 8.1, Cubase Elements 8, PC.


Do you mean StereoDelay plug-in? I jsut check removing automation of this plug-in, and it works on my syste.

I selected all automation tracks, right-click and select Remove Selected Tracks.

Will try again tonight and let you know. Must be doing something wrong

Thanks again, Pipey

Still having trouble with this? I select the track with automation on it. Right click and select automation, Remove the selected automation track but it still appears afterwards? Must be doing something wrong here?