Delete Automation Spikes function MISSING

From the manual:

“Spike Detection Range”
Defines a period of time in which sudden changes in the automated parameter are considered to be unwanted spikes. The spikes can be removed using the “Delete Automation Spikes function”. You can set values from 0 to 200 ms.

Where is “Delete Automation Spikes function”. It’s referred to again in Cubase 9 but nowhere to be found. No Key Coms either.


Automation Settings

To set up specific automation settings, click the button in the bottom left of the automation panel.

No it isn’t!

So according to the manual, the “Delete Automation Spikes function” function should be here but isn’t?

Bottom left

The OP is looking for the “Delete Automation Spikes function”. I’m guessing this is done automatically if the Spike Detection Range is set, and not an action in itself. The manual isn’t so clear there.

Oh, I misunderstood. It doesn’t seem to be where the manual says it should be in Cubase 8.5 either.

I think this is a case where the documentation is overly brief on the subject. There should a screen-shot in the Operations Manual showing which button they mean and what the screen is.

I’ve never had any problems with spikes using the default settings. It’s sometimes useful to have the waveform display on the automation track, but mostly I keep it turned off for a cleaner look.

Now you got it. The Operations Manual is overly brief on the topic and should include a screen shot of the dialogue, imho.

The manual kinda makes it sound like a function you can execute.