Delete CB Artist 9.5, and then install CB Artist 10??

As it seems that a full download and install of Cubase (Artist) 10 is needed I consider to delete the complete Cubase Artist 9.5. After that I whish to start with a clean Cubase Artist 10. As only a full download can be obtained.
I don’t have a lot of Projects and those which I have are backupped.
I need storage capacity on my SD? That’s why I consider this procedure…
So I don’t expected troubles, or… ?

Do I overlook something?

Tia. Ton

You can keep both versions. They work together.
The only thing you should be carefull is if you have put the libraries on different folder than the one suggested in installation.
In my laptop that i had organized the libraries in different folders i have to reinstall the whole thing

Thanks @Gestavrakis for your reply. As I wrote, I just don’t want to keep the 2 versions, due to the size of my SD. I don’t know exactly what the best way to go is?
A. Install CBA 10 first, after that deleting CBA 9,5 or
B. Deleting CBA 9.5 first, and after that install CBA 10.

My preference is B, as I whish to start with a ‘clean’ Cubase now. I guess I have to reinstall some VST that are on my Steinberg Account. But that’s no big issue.

Any advise is welcome,

regards Ton

Your OS in your signature would be useful if not stated as that determines how best to uninstall.

If you’re on Windows then the best way is to use the Windows uninstall feature from within control panel. That way you can uninstall only Cubase 9.5 and not any other VSTi that you also have licences for. You may have to look for updates as well as the original installation. I’d strongly advise against just deleting all the Steinberg folders.

The reason most folk don’t uninstall an old version straight away (or before a new installation) is to give a chance to check that everything works just fine with the new version. I understand you have space concerns so can see why you might want to get rid of the old one first but I’d still try and install the new one first just in case. Some of the new installation usually replace older library versions of included VSTs so you shouldn’t assume that you need the whole disk space that it says is in the download once the installation has completed.

FWIW if it were me it would depend on just how short of space I was in the short term. If there was enough space to keep both versions I’d do so until I knew everything was working just fine (that’s what I do on my Laptop).

Hi @Planarchist, thank you for your advice. Much appreciated.
You’re right about my signature, I’v updated it.

I will follow your advice. When it seems that CBA10 works well coming weeks, then I will delete CBA9.5.
Thanks again, regards Ton.