Delete controller data on multiple tracks?

I have 16 songs to import, and need to delete ALL controller data. The import options didn’t remove the controller data, so I am left with having to do this manually.

Is there an efficient way to delete numerous controllers on several tracks, or at least one track at a time? Each track has 3-5 different controllers, and the once I need to remove are: panning, mod wheel, and volume.

  1. Select All MIDI Parts
  2. MIDI > Functions > Delete Controllers

or Macro

  • *Process Project Logical Editor - Select All MIDI Parts
  • MIDI - Delete Controllers
  • Edit - Select None

*Project Logical Editor - “Select All MIDI Parts”
Filter Target

  • Media Type is Equal MIDI And
  • Container Type is Equal Part
  • Select

    or This may work fine.
  • Edit - Select All
  • MIDI - Delete Controllers
  • Edit - Select None

Awesome! Thanks!!