Delete/convert multiple markers in marker window

Three small feature requests relating to markers and rehearsal marks:

1.) I’d like the ability to delete multiple markers at once in the marker window. Currently, it appears one cannot select more than one marker at a time in the marker window so the only way to delete all markers (or several at a time) is to filter them in write mode. There’s a trash can icon in the lower right corner of the marker window, so it’s fair one might assume multiple markers could be ‘selected’ and ‘trashed’ in this window, but this is not currently the case.

2.) Another feature I’d like is the ability to simply “convert” selected markers into rehearsal marks. i.e. I frequently import midi files with several markers (i.e. verse, chorus, etc.) and if I could simply select these markers and ‘convert’ them to legitimate rehearsal marks, this would save me the trouble of re-creating them one by one manually. Additionally, ‘rehearsal marks’ might be better managed as a whole if given their own edit window, similar to the marker window, allowing the user to quickly edit custom text, position and style in list form, rather than selecting them one by one, graphically in the score.

3.) Not to push my luck here, but another thing I’d love to see in Dorico is “automated double bar line placement” at every rehearsal mark in my scores. I do this manually now, but it would be fantastic if this preference was simply a layout option; “place double bar at every rehearsal mark.” Click. Done.

Please consider adding these features in a future version of Dorico. Thanks!

+1 for automatic double barlines at every rehearsal mark! At least the option, of course. Not forced.