Delete Dorico Pro 4 after upgrade to Dorico Pro 5?

After upgrading from 4 to 5, I still have the Dorico 4 icon in my Applications folder (Mac). Is it safe to delete this without affecting anything in version 5? I tried it when Dorico 5 was open, but when I tried to remove Dorico 4 to Trash, it said it couldn’t because Dorico 4 was already open, which it wasn’t. Guidance, please. Thanks

Yes, you can safely delete Dorico 4.

Hmm, surprising message. Usually you get a password prompt when you try to move an application to the trash. If you log out & back in you can clear any memory that might be trying to hold onto something.

On the other hand, you might want to hang onto Dorico 4 for longer, in case you need it when something isn’t working yet in Dorico 5.