i remember using MIDI delete doubles alot and it worked.
for some reason i have a midi setup that is doubling the recorded MIDI notes.
so i go edit window, select all, and do MIDI / functions / delete doubles
but they are still here :unamused:
i made sure they are perfectly quantizes, nothing work.
is it working for you ?


Have a look in the Grid editor at the midi channel. Are you seeing 2 midi channels for each note entry? [It’s possible that you’re input is doubling up on midi channels]
Notes with different channels are not considered as doubles.
A quick workaround would be to set all the notes in the part to the same midi channel, and then the Delete Doubles should work

smart move ! :sunglasses:

it works thanks. i don’t know why this keyboard is sending midi notes …
but it will be ok for the short time i have to work on it. Or i’ll try some midi filters
thanks very much for the help !