Delete Empty Tracks Except FX and Group channels

The title sais it all.

I want to use the logical editor command that deletes empty tracks but I need a solution that does not delete my FX and group channels. Is there a way to target only audio, instruments and midi tracks?

Any thoughts?


Project > Remove Empty tracks doesn’t work for you?

No as it also removes my sends fx channels and all the group tracks as well.

Should be very simple to adjust the preset so it excludes groups and Fx tracks.

I would hope so but I still don’t see how.


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please? The Remove Empty Tracks doesn’t remove FX and Group channels here to me.

No need for safe start - It does. But honestly: it´s two lines you have to add so it doesn´t. :unamused:

And what might those 2 lines be? Would you kindly share them with us?

Load the preset and exclude FX tracks and Group tracks by clicking the "+"sign in the upper part - really self explanatory.

Sorry to interrupt this fascinating conversation with an actual attempt to answer the question, but something like this should do it. But Martin is right, Project->Remove Empty Tracks should accomplish the same thing.


Could you try already build-in function Project > Remove Empty Tracks, please? This is working here. Don’t use the Project Logical Editor preset, just the function itself.

It does work… sorry about that… I thought the logical editor preset was the only one.


I’m glad it works. :wink: