Delete erased parts of events from hard drive

I’ve recorded a bunch of audio with a lot of silence, so I used the scissors and eraser and deleted the silent parts. However, when I look at the media pool, the parts I erased aren’t in the trash, they’re still in there with the original recording. How do I permanently delete this data from my hard drive? I don’t want to store dozens of minutes of silence.


If you use the scissors, you still have the same file. You just make another “view” on the file.

Convert it after real copy after the cut. This will create a new file (the length is the same as the length of the Part). So make sure, you make a real copy of all wanted Parts. Then, you can delete the original one.


I guess I select the remaining part, go into the Audio menu and select Bounce Selection. Then go into the Media menu and select Remove Unused Media. Then I can Empty Trash in the Media Pool window to delete the files.



This is also an option.