Delete from the Pool problems...

As usual apologies if this has already been discussed elsewhere but I have searched and couldn’t find it.

Anyway, as we have all done, I recorded a couple of tracks that came out poorly for one reason or another and wanted to delete them. I went to the pool, selected them and pressed delete. However I did not get an option to send to the trash and they did not go there! They were just deleted from the pool and probably the hard drive in one swoop!

This is not what I was expecting or indeed what has happened before. Have others tried this in Cubase 8 and found the same or is it just my set up?


Did you also remove events from the track?
See the Operation Manual Pg. 502…

Thanks for the reply.

Yes I have looked at that reference and that is what I am trying, badly, to say.

When I delete a file from the pool I expect a warning telling me that the file is used in the project and ask if would still like to delete it from the pool and send it to the trash. That is not happening anymore. The files are just being deleted and not going into the trash!

I am used to doing this and quite often “clean up the pool” in my own way asI consider there is more control over what I delete rather than letting Cubase do a clean up of unused files.