Delete front page, or at least a single bar on front page

Dorico created a front page for a project and left a single quarter break for the flute stave. I cannot delete the stave , nor the page, as I would like to.

If I do delete the stave the whole instrument is lost, and with it all the the notes in the piece.
What can I do to delete at least this single stave?

I’m not quite sure what you mean but have you made sure that the player isn’t assigned to this flow?

That page will only appear as long as there is music to appear on that page. It looks to me as if you have an empty flow in your project that you can safely delete via the Flows panel in Setup mode.

Thanks for the help! I have tried to delete this single item via the flow panel. Maybe I have not done it correctly, because nothing got deleted. I selected Engrave mode, selected the first page and pressed the delete-can-symbol at the Master Pages and Flow Headings, but it did not respond. Also, when I try to deactivate the instrument, the whole flow of that instrument goes away. Is that all a Dorico 3.5 problem?

This is NOT the flow panel.

Go to Setup Mode, you will find the flows in the bottom panel :slight_smile:

I think you could benefit from reading Dan Kreider’s guide for the beginners, although it’s four years old. You will understand the philosophy lying behind Dorico and your learning curve will be smoother. And it’s free.


Ahhh, there we go! thank you! And, MarkLarcher, you´re probably right, I should read the manual.

Just to be clear @ulfmanumusik , the guide @MarcLarcher is referring to was written by a fellow user; it’s not Dorico’s Operation Manual.

You can find official Steinberg documentation for Dorico Pro 3.5 here, including a First Steps guide for beginners (although that doesn’t really delve too deeply into master pages).

You can find a variety of resources, including those written by fellow users, on this Resources page.

Your screenshot indicates that you’ve got a lot of local page overrides, indicating that you’ve edited something manually on each page. Do you know what those edits were? There’s a very good chance there’s a better / more streamlined way of achieving the same result without producing page overrides.

For example, replacing the “Flow 1” header with the correct title by entering the required title for the corresponding flow or for the project as a whole in the Project Info dialog. (This page from the First Steps guide outlines how information gets onto pages if you enter it in Project Info: Master pages and tokens)

I’m sorry, it seems the beginner’s guide is no longer found, probably because its last version was for 2.2. So I’d rather read the First steps than the manual — you should search the online manual only when you stumble upon a problem, it’s not really meant to be read like a book…

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