Delete "hidden" automation data form imported midi

when I import my own midi-files, I ask myself, why I can’t edit e.g. the master volume (here Cinemamtic Studio Strings), it keeps on jumping to a fixed value, after I played the track.
I did not assign any midi-automation, I also clicked “delete all parameters” and deleted also the volume etc.
However, when I change into Studio one, there is an option, to delete “additional” midi-automation data, I don’t know, where I can find this function in cubase (see screenshot).
Is there any way to delete this data ?


Ok, I found out by chance, that if you delete the first (empty) block within the imported midi-track, also the automation is gone. It cannot be deleted in the menu with the instruments :slight_smile:

There is also a List Editor that’s great for that kind of tasks and nothing else! It’s all the MIDI in a long list but you can filter the list to show just what you want. Filter Notes, Pitchbend, Controllers etc that you see in the list until you only have e.g. in your case today Program Change left or maybe you need to see CC#0 as well to delete.
There is also the Logical Editor where you can do the same by setting up conditions and then find MIDI data to be processed in one form or the other. It’s very powerful and fast when you know how to use it but there is a learning curve. It’s not everybody’s idea of having fun either …

I too need to do this quite often, and the List editor was the one big thing that i found missing from Elements. Even the free Cakewalk has it. I have Pro now and use it a lot, but its still time consuming.
Ive not tried the Logical Editor to do this, ill give that a go. Thanks for the idea