Delete/hide rest in first bar

I know, there are multiple threads asking how to delete rests but somehow it’s not quite working for me.

So, I suppose since there is no note before the first bar the “ends voice/starts voice” thing doesn’t work for rests in the first bar. So far so logical. I’ve tried to scale the rest to 1% which works in the score but for unknown reasons not in parts. Scaling will do nothing there.

Also, I’ve tried the Layout Options setting and it will either not do anything or hide all rests in empty bars throughout the piece. So, what now?

Does selecting the rest and choosing Edit > Remove Rests work?

Hm, I could swear it didn’t work before but now it does, BUT apparently only if there is no multi-bar rest coming after it. That means if I set “combine multi-bar rests” (or whatever this is named in English) in the Layout Options it doesn’t work but if I switch to “none” it does work (because the next bar rest starts a new voice which isn’t existing in a multi-bar rest).

I have the peculiar case that the first bar is a free intro and then there is a multi-bar rest for some parts. This is apparently a problem.

I could well believe that multi-bar rests don’t “count” for the purposes of setting the starts/ends voice properties.

I would expect though that provided these players play notes at some point later in the flow, you can then remove the rest at the beginning (with the Starts voice property then being able to set on the non-multi-bar rests or notes where they play).

Unfortunately changing the switch “starts voice” on the first note after the multi-bar rest(s) doesn’t work – it won’t let me switch it on.

Stick to the nice, simple, easy option of using “Remove Rests” :slight_smile:

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Yeah, well, it’s easy if you don’t have a multi-bar rest coming after it. I’ll probably have to live with the rest not being removable.

In my rough example here, it is removable provided there are notes in the part later, and you select the rest and go Edit > Remove Rests. Remove Rests sets the Starts/Ends voice properties for you, and more reliably than setting those properties manually.

If that’s not working for you, please provide an example project that demonstrates the issue for someone to look into.

Here’s a trimmed down example. I can’t remove the first bar rest in the parts. It works in the score because multi-bar rests aren’t combined there.
_bar_rest.dorico (786.4 KB)

Ah, I see – for some reason I was picturing more like a pick-up bar scenario. There is something about whole bar rests that’s a bit different, but I can’t remember all the details off the top of my head.

You said this was a free intro – one option is to make the first bar a different duration than the default, which makes Remove Rests work. E.g. make the first bar a pick-up of 3 or 5 beats.

Thanks, making it a pickup bar works. Kind of a hack but it works. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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I think it’s that with multirests on, a single empty bar displays as a 1-bar multirest, which I think is not helpful, for exactly this type of user interaction. Perhaps that is the only way Dorico can show a “1” above it. But I don’t use that setting, and with it switched off I wish that single bar rests could behave just as when multirests are off.