Delete key is not deleting event when mixer is up

If you record an event, the resultant wave file is selected. Typically, you could then hit the Delete key to remove it. However, this does not happen if the mixer is on the project screen. You have to close the mixer (F3) and THEN hit the delete key for the event to be deleted. This is a bug, right?

BTW, if you don’t pull the mixer up and record an event, then the Delete key works as it always has, the recorded event is deleted.

Never mind. At this point, having opened a few projects and trying to duplicate this behavior, it has stopped doing it. Strange how it would seem that the software has learned something… :confused:

it was most likely a focus issue. You probably had either the mixer or one of the other zones taking the action instead of the arrange page. Just a guess, but if you run into an action not working in the future, look at that first.

Thanks JM. I actually can still produce the issue when I first create a new project and record my first take (on a single track or multiple tracks). But after I move the cursor and reselect on the event I can delete it with the Delete key - and then all subsequent deletes from the Delete key perform as typical without having to move the cursor. I find this odd. Could you try this?

Also, I wonder if you can tell me where in the manual it talks about sending a track to and editing in Wavelab? I can’t find this info. The problem I am having is that I can send the track to WL but I cannot seem to return it to the project. I’m having the same issue with Izotope RX and the Izotope ‘Connect’ feature - I can send the clip to RX but I cannot return it. (I have a ticket open with Izotope right now and waiting for an answer).


there is no “return to Cubase” if I understand the question. When you use the option from within Cubase to open Wavelab, any edits you make in wavelab should be reflected automagically on the event in Cubase.

See if this answers your question

Thanks JM! Yes, this explains the process and works perfectly.

It may turn out that, what with WL working so well at this task that Cubase has shut down the Izotope RX5 return path? Hm. Still waiting on an answer from Izotope. Have a good one, JM.

can’t help you with RX5 I’m afraid. maybe someone else can chime in.

Roger this JM. I will make a separate post right now.