"Delete" key suddenly changes behaviour during session

Lately, probably after updating to D4, (just) one of my much used keys on my keyboard seems to change configuration during a working session, the “delete” key (arrow right). Normally, and initially every time I start up the program, this key works as you would expect. But after some minutes of composing/typing, it suddenly works as a “select all” (normally cmd+A, which also works). This is very strange, and quite a bit annoying. I have checked the “Key commands” shortcuts several times; this key is always addressed to “delete”.

What am I missing here? Anyone else experiencing this, or similar behaviour?

We have had a couple of reports of this problem, but so far we’re not sure what causes it. My guess is that at some point the shortcuts are being updated and some of the special ones (Cut, Copy, Paste, Save, Select All) are ending up out of step somehow. Closing and reopening the project should, I think, be enough to set it right, but if you happen to spot a pattern in when this happens – it’s likely to be when e.g. switching mode or going in and out of step-time input, which causes the shortcuts to be updated so that they take the current mode and state into account – do let me know!

Hi @dspreadbury , and thank you for addressing this topic this fast. I am working quite a lot in Galley view - and I am guessing this problem occurs when in this viewing mode.
I just now tried to switch to page view, after having this strange behaviour the last hours (in galley) - and voila: the key is acting normal again. Just like you suggested. This is super strange, but luckily this is a (temporary) easy fix, thanks for that!

Hope you find a future (permanent) solution to this, In the meantime I’ll keep you posted if I spot any behavioural patterns to this.

It’s so strange this popped up. This happened to me for the very first time yesterday. 4.0.10 though. I’ll report back if it happens to me again on 4.0.20.

Well, that’s same version as mine. I’m just about to launch 4.0.20. Please share if you have any new experiences with the new D.

Daniel, I am still on version 4.10 and had “select all” invoked when trying to copy and paste some bars from one system to the other.