Delete key usage

Still getting acquainted with Dorico, generally very happy with the forward-looking design and functionality of the app. One thing I’ve noticed is that there’s an inconsistency in the way Dorico allows usage of the Delete key: in Setup mode I can use it to remove a player, whereas in Play mode I can’t use it to remove a VST instrument. Nor can I press delete for anything in an expression and percussion maps, or a playback template. I would expect that if I’ve made a selection of something, I would be able to delete it with a keystroke. Is this intended behaviour?

It certainly is the universal behavior, so it’s not a bug. That doesn’t mean your expectation is invalid.

It’s not unreasonable to expect that the delete key might delete the selected item, but as Dan notes, it’s not a bug. Every single control, window or dialog that has something selectable in it needs to have it handled explicitly (ie needs to have code written specifically for it) - it’s by no means automatic.

Also, note that in Engrave Mode, delete deliberately doesn’t delete anything, on the assumption that if you’re not “writing”, but “adjusting”, then you don’t want to accidentally delete objects. Also, Delete removes manual positioning adjustments.

Understood, thanks for explaining. I suppose that’s not a trivial change, then. Is this something you might consider adding to your enormous to do list? :wink: