Delete last page - because of Flow confusion?

I need two Flows on page (OK).
But second Flow is still on page 2 also and page can’t be deleted.

Rather than drawing a new frame on your first page, use the option at Layout Options > Flows to continue new flows on the same page.

You’ll need to remove the page override on page 1, by right-clicking it in the Pages panel, top right corner of Engrave mode, then clicking Remove Page Overrides.

The reason why it still appears on the 2nd page is due to frame chains. If you want to read up on them, there’s some info here - if you look at the top left of the music frames in your screenshot, you can see the bottom of p1 shows “LA”. That’s a layout frame chain. Showing flows in layout frame chains doesn’t prevent them appearing in the master page frame chain, which by default is set to show all flows.

If you were doing something where you had a flow at the end for notation information/examples that you only wanted to show on pre-score information pages, the trick there is to untick those flows from the master page frame chain, which you can access by double-clicking either the First or Default master pages.

Thanks for the input.
I couldn’t make the frame chains work. I’ve gotten pretty fluent with Dorico over the years, but in the layout department it still does or doesn’t do stuff I don’t know how to fix…

But changing Flow Options to allow new flows on the same page did work.

Thank you