Delete layout not working as expected

Dear fellow Doricians, dear Dorico team,
I’ve been working on opera arias in full score. doing some arrangements, reductions… I noticed a “thing”: if I use select a layout and use the Delete layout function from the Setup menu, nothing happens! If I use the Delete function from the context menu (as I’ve always done) it does work flawlessly.
What’s more a problem to me is that only the function from the Setup menu could allow me to delete several layouts at once (as I often do with players).
Is this something reproductible in other scores? I’ve noticed that on all the bunch of scores I’ve been dealing with this week (nine different scores).

I’ve also noticed that if I ask Dorico to delete a layout that is showing, Dorico crashes.

I have been searching on the forum and did not find anything about those “delete layout” related glitches.

I’ve definitely read something similar elsewhere. What happens if you use the Delete button on your keyboard?

I’ve experienced exactly the same thing Marc!

Sometimes the delete button works for me, sometimes it does not. Sometimes it works after a few tries.

I think the problem has appeared because I’m not at home, thus I’ve been using the macbook pro keyboard. It only has a backspace key. It does absolutely nothing if I select one or several layouts. And using fn key along with backspace (which could erase) does nothing too. I certainly did not expect that behavior either.
[Edit] I add that my backspace key works flawlessly to delete players, flows, notes or whatever I need to delete. But not layouts. The only way (I found) I can delete them is using the context menu, one by one, and making sure none of the to-be-deleted layouts are displayed on screen (to prevent the crash).

Good morning Marc,
I’ve checked your problem with the crash with me. Deleting the layout that crashes Dorico only happens when I split (open) two layouts on the screen, for example.
Greetings Eggi

Dorico 2.2.10 Windows 7

Unfortunately there is a small regression in Dorico 2.2.10 concerning the Delete Layout button in the Layouts panel and the item in the Setup menu; the program is not correctly detecting the selected layouts in the Layouts panel. Fortunately there is a workaround: use the right-click context menu in the Layouts panel, and you can delete layouts that way.