Delete LE6 after installing LE7 Upgrade?

Hello All,

It’s been a number of years since I last used Cubase LE and I’m having to start all over again this time. LE6 came with the Tascam MIDI I bought recently. I installed it, applied the updates and patch and have now purchased and installed the LE7 Upgrade. Instead of the usual upgrade route this seems to have installed a completely new program, independent of LE6. My question is, can I now delete(uninstall) LE6 safely without causing any issues with LE7. I assume that to be the case, but wanted to get some proper advice first. Such advice would be very much appreciated!


Hello Garnick2015,

It shouldn’t be an issue to uninstall Cubase LE6 from your operating system while Cubase LE7 is installed because they are two separate programs. If you have any trouble after uninstalling, I would advise making sure to trash your preferences folder for Cubase LE7 which will set it back to factory default.